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May 14, 2007



um, "hide the sausage" sounds like the kind of game i would never ever want to play with my mom. :-P

glad you had a good mother's day weekend!


I haven't seen 7th Heaven in years. I didn't even know it was still on. LOL

Good for you and walking. We set up our pool a few weeks ago and I think the waters is warm enough to get in this week.

Nicole P.

I should have stuck around long enough at the Chicago one to get the goodie bags!!


Awesome for you and your pals doing the Y-Me walk. If I wasn't such a slug, I had considered it.


Congratulations on the walk!

Can't wait to see the awesome google-age you get from "hide the sausage!"


I always put things in the wrong place. Looking for the blender? Check the fridge. No? How about the bathtub? Yep. Makes sense.

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