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May 09, 2007


audio and lighting

I have been through many such experiences, where I feel like just running away, but then I realize that I am running from no one else but myself. Congrats on your weight loss.


Yay!!!!!!!!!! THat is so great. You must be on Cloud 9!




You are so the devil sending me that link!


I hope you get out of that funk ASAP.
Don't make me come out there!


Congratulations babe! *huge tackle/hug*

You are incredible! :D


Good job! Woohoo! That under 200 mark is awesome, huh? Last week I weighed in at 199.6 & felt great! Now I'm determined to get to 198 this week. Hopefully this PMS won't bite me in the butt.


Ewww....Mark...what did you do? (evil eyes) Make Aimee all happy now, k?

I'm so proud of you! I really need to get the books because I am being so bad. I ran around like a crazy woman the second I get off of work and can't find time to be good. I'm heading over to ebay right now to look at the book. You are an inspiration.

B. Good

Aimee, you are my she-ro. You are SO on your way to hotpants and fishnet stockings!!! (sorry, I just projected my dream onto you, lol) AND......I just picked up some Philosophy products too. LOVE IT!!!

Ok, so my mom lives in Sacramento, and my next trip out there, we so have to meet, cuz I swear we are damn near the same person, lol.

Congrats again!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO 198!!!!!! YOU ROCK! I'm so proud of you! I think the internets are ready for some more pictures of you!


198! holy crap, woman! you are awesome. keep up the good work, and i will keep up the cheerleading. :)

Horrible Warning

Woo hoo, you broke 200!!! You're my hero!

Me, I'm home sick...and it's not even 10 and I'm bored. I still feel like crap, but I probably should have gone in...

At least I can catch up on blogs!


Yay for a nice boyfriend.... Admittedly it's partially my fault for her bad mood. I'll make it all better though.

- M


Congratulations, Aimee!! You're beautiful! And it's great that you're working so hard to do this the RIGHT way. I'll send "good day" thoughts your way.



Woohoo! I just recovered from my bad day / bad mood slump, so I'll send the good vibes on to you! Yay 198!!! Yay good skin! Yay nice boyfriend!!

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