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May 17, 2007


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Rock on with your bad self, GIRL!

When I was 19, I was in a bad relationship much like the one you described. When I ended things, I felt like I was clawing myself out of a 100 foot hole. I don't know if that's exactly how you felt, but I remember how hard it was and how victorious I felt when I discovered that I wasn't a disgusting pig.

Anyway, just wanted to say Good for you!

Thanks for sharing!


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers to making decisions for YOU. I'm all about that right now. Now if we can just learn to keep doing it each day.


That was a really capturing blog entry. It kind of brought tears to my eyes cos I kind of feel the same way on some sides of the spectrum.

I am glad that you are starting to take the reigns a bit.



That was a really awesome post--truly inspiring! I think everyone can relate to that post even if they haven't been in an abusive relationship or gone through those things. I struggle a lot to do what is right for me rather than what is expected of me. It's really, really hard and I haven't exactly "solved" the problem. This post has definitely helped me see that its something that a lot of people face. Thanks Aimee!


That was a GREAT post! I saw so much of myself in your post!

I totally feel you on the WW for yourself. All I ask is my family to give me ONE HOUR A DAY. That's it. ONE hour to exercise & I'm all theirs after that.

Good job! Oh I was thinking of you while at the park last night & I put it in gear and walked harder/faster! Thanks


Good for you, girly! It sounds like you made some DAMN smart choices - and you know what? You should celebrate with some more manicures and facials and SHOES. Because you totally deserve them!


Richie Ann

Thanks to Mama Drama for showing me a great blog. I'll visit often...oh for goodness sakes...just do one thing for yourself every once in awhile. You deserve it!


yeah, we just may be related. Your past relationship sounds a lot like my marriage. Except mine was a jerk w/o the alcohol to blame. Good for you for getting out.


Love this post! And sneaky sausage.

I, too, have very few "self" moments. My greatest Taylor Vaughn was leaving my ex-boyfriend of 5 years in one fell swoop without looking back, just for the chance to day a friend I had always had a crush on. Result? Next month is our one year wedding anniversary.




Also, there's bound to be another career opportunity out there if you're looking for something that inspires you more. If you keep approaching your life with intention like you have been your relationship with Mark and your health choices, I bet you'll see new opportunities in MANY realms of your life.

Nicole P.

Big hugs!!! Congrats on finally doing things for yourself. You deserve it, lady!


You are so inspiring me. Okay. No breakfast burrito today. I'm going for the bran muffin.


This was such a great post.
I love you that you compared yourself to Taylor.

I loveddddd "She's all That"

Love you girl.


Ohh. What a great post.

It's interesting to hear someone else's story. I can't remember a time when I have not made choices for me.

I chose to move to Sydney, I chose to move back to Queensland, I chose to move to London and then Denmark.

I have held a variety of jobs, all of my choice. In fact, when I decided to do the one thing that I thought my family would recommend (working in a bank) I HATED it.

However, I too, have been in horrible relationships. By choice.

I am really proud of the choices you have made. Mark seems like a cracker of a boyfriend and you are looking, fan-fucking-tastic.



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