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May 10, 2007



Oh cute! I agree. I got into the Croc debate last year, but never bit the bullet and got a pair. I'm still unsure, but THESE, I could do these!


Hmmm, I just might buy me some of the fake Crocs they sell at WalMart, for our camping trip in 2 weeks. I'll let you know how those work out for me.

And if all else fails they'd make excellent shower shoes, huh?


fight the urge.
say no to crocs.


I love all things breakfast too!

When you watch Where the Heart is, will you think of me? I love that movie too. Oh and Legally Blonde. I can't remember a Walk to Remember. I guess I will put it in my queue. And Love How to Lose...

Crocs-hate them. They are ugly as sin. And I was thinking why do they have to make them so bright. But after spending 5 hours in the ER the other night and seeing all of the nurses where them...I think they are on to something. I mean, my feet hurt all of the time. I can't find a shoe that is comfortable. Maybe these are the shoes that you can where to the fair and walk around for hours in?


i'm sure i'll steal this at some point.

and crocs? major NO from me. never, ever.


I know, I am kinda liking the croc flip flops. Say it ain't so!!

Also, I totally should have put "all breakfast" as my favorite dish. Sometimes brunch feels stressful to me, having to choose among so much deliciousness!



Oh and I'm guessing you've lived in Sacramento your entire life? :)


I have always thought crocs were ugly, but my mom is their biggest fan. She had them before most people knew they existed. When she was out here last week, she convinced me to buy a pair. I only wear them to the beach & on walks.


Kidlet has a pair of crocs like that. She loves them, but also loves the other type too. I just can't do them. They're scary on my feet.

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