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May 14, 2007


Delsie Susman

Hmmm, for me, Clinique would be a better counter for make-up lovers like you. You can also try Maybelline or Shu Uemura. Those are some of the best lines out there.


BENEFIT! Oh, bow down to the wonder that is Benefit! Of course, if you have a Sephora in your area, you're all set. If not...I like MAC too and they don't have to be drag-queen colors at all....I can go in there and say, "I need an NC-35, a studio fix and a bronze eye pencil" and come out both poorer and MUCH better looking.

However, since I said Benefit: Here are a few lovely things about it: 1. Cute and smelly-good. 2. Not too expensive. 3. Easy to find. I just got the "Brighten/Lighten/Tighten" magic undereye lifting stuff (you don't need it, but I do) and it rocketh my world.

You'll need to play around with the concealers (I just got the brush-on one where the concealer is IN the brush - no mess and great coverage) and the foundations. They really shine at....

Making your skin glow 'naturally' - either the bronzing powder, glamazon cream (I don't reccomend that for daytime in most cases) or the lighter powders and potions, plus all their great, v. natural lip pencils glosses sticks, etc. I also just got the Bad Girl big black eyeliner and have worn it every day for a week. My husband complimented me on my makeup twice yesterday.

That being said: Urban Decays' colors ROCK!

And....that's the longest answer ever. Sorry.


Ahh, I'm a MAC whore! For reals. You don't HAVE to come out looking like a drag queen! Just have them do your make up naturally & it'll look good.

I've also seen my girlfriends get makeovers at Sephora & they looked great!


YAY! Visit Clinique--you won't regret it. Let me know how it goes!


I'll admit it - I'm a complete cosmetic-a-phobe. I don't um, use any special products because I am a cheap, cheap girly and I wouldn't know where to start. *hangs head* Do I get kicked out of the cool club now?


seriously? i swear by MAC.
love them. love love love love.


I care a great deal for Too Faced stuff (which I get a Nordstrom). Or you could throw yourself on the mercy of the people at Sephora.


Clinique! They have great stuff and although you have to be willing to spend a bit (well I do because I HAVE to buy everything!) it's worth it for the quality and because the stuff lasts forever. I am still using eyeshadow I bought almost 3 years ago albeit there isn't a lot left. But I used to wear that stuff almost everyday! Around Christmas I got more clinique stuff with a gift card I had and I love everything! Don't listen to the others, listen to me :-)


Wow, I'm probably not going to be much help, because I've been asking the same question. I'm going on "The Cruise," and so I figure, hey! New makeup with a makeover would be fun, because I haven't spent enough money on meaningless shit for a 7 day I head over to Macy's and up to the Mac Counter, and when I get there, the 2 people in line in front of me are both 14 years old, and having a serious conversation with the Mac lady about green tea eye gel.


Apparently I don't recommend Mac.


I'll be reading all the comments on this one, b/c I am right there with you. I need the makeover to come to me though. I am feeling THAT lazy.


You are so asking the wrong girl. Actually I was reading some weird magazine this weekend and they are having a contest. 4 people get flown to new york for a make over and hair. I just have to write an essay with 300 words. I'm doing it. I need serious help.


I really like Bare Escentuals for foundation / blush etc...

For makeup, try Bobbi Brown. Her stuff is really nice and not too makeup-y.

Will you please go to a couple different counters, take photos and let us give input??

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