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May 10, 2007



I have somehow totally missed out on this season of Top Model. But because of VH1 or whoever does it, I know I can watch the whole damn season back to back on some lazy Saturday one of these days. Whew! And Lost, oh man, Lost was good this week. Ahhh.


What??? No LOST??? You're killing me, Aimee!

B. Good

Ya know, they are always gettin on Dionne about making her "mean" face; but Jaslene goes and makes the same face and they call it "fierce". Blah. I knew Dionne wasn't gonna last much longer. Mr. Jay has to work way to hard to get her to do what she should already know how to do.

Eh well.

I have no idea who's the best outta these 3. Renee's personality sucks, I can't stand Jaslene's voice, and I can't understand a word outta Natasha's mouth, lol. I think Tyra should just win and go back into the modeling business.


thanks for the recap...I got a call in the middle of the show and missed the rest!

Nicole P.

This one was so predictable though. I wasn't surprised at any point during the episode.

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