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May 16, 2007


rayban 3025

This discount glasses article is definitely eye-opening and inspiring.

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Would anyone like to give me a detailed recap of last night's episode of ANTM?

B. Good

I didn't like not one of those girls, and they ALL look "old" to me......especially Natasha. I don't know why they kept picking on Renee. Out of the 3, Renee was the least annoying (I guess) because at least I can understand her when she talks. I HATED Jaslene's and Natasha's accents. But after Renee was kicked off, I knew it would be Jaslene. As Nicole stated, Natasha seems frumpy and doesn't command attention like Jaslene does. Besides, it was about time for a Latina to win the show. But "cha cha" was just a lil much for me. I was glad she toned it down by the end of the show.

And yeah, all 3 commercials were TRASH, as were the photos. Blah at the most.

Nicole P.

I don't know why but Natasha seems a little frumpy to me. I was very "meh" about the whole ending this season.

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