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April 26, 2007



Great info, thanks a lot!!! I wish I will have such a writing skills.


Thanks for the hug!
As you can tell, since I am reading this like 2 days after its been posted, I have been so busy at work.
All I want to do is cry.

Horrible Warning

I want a postcard!!


Well I am terrible because I never compliment anyone. I'm too shy. I mean I can in the blog world because well I can be open as I want on the blog.

And I wouldn't worry so much about the .9. Just let it go and do better.


.9 - Does that actually count?! You still rock!! Next week here you come :-)


I'm so excited to read the new book! Hooray!!


"they looked like the Chick Lit type" - what does that even mean? ;)

no worries on the .9 pounds. like i said, you're looking at big picture loss here. you'll be back down again next week. :) go you!

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