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April 26, 2007



Whew! You didn't tag me ;)

B. Good

Ok, i LOVE the "How do you like your eggs" answer. I think we're kindred spirits (sorry Mark).


Ok, it's like I miss one day reading your blog and I need to block out my entire lunch time to do so. You crack me up.

And secondly... autoharp?


You know I am reading "Catcher" right now and have been for like...oh...six months? That is so terrible and I feel very ashamed.

I don't do the hunting or fishing thing either. I'm so lucky that Adam would have nothing to do with that. Now my family on the other hand, they kill bambi.


16. my entire family hunts aside from my brother and I. still enjoy going with my dad and grandfather. I get invites to go various types of hunting all the time. This is one of the few places the girl and I don't see eye to eye.

18. Elvis is a sushi chef in the Houston area. Goes by Ervis now.


#16 - I'm so sorry..... I'm a hunter - please don't hate me Aimee :-)
#19 - Ummmm yeah I just spit my water ALL over!!! And it sucks when it comes out your nose!!!

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