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April 26, 2007



Oh man Mark- You're funny.

I'm with you Aimee.
My moneys will not co mingle with his moneys.


I used to be that way too. While we were broke up I put all of my money in his account and cancelled mine. I was so far in debt and he started to control my spending. It has really worked because I am totally debt free and actually don't live paycheck to paycheck anymore. That is the only reason why I did it. I'm sort of a control freak and it was hard letting go. It is funny that we never had a joined account in all the time we were together.


I think couple finances would be kind of hard... I'm used to being all independent for now, but we'll see what happens...


Yeah I will have a hard time with the comingling of $$ when Edgar and I get married. But while you can use the car against Mark, I can use the computer crap against Edgar. As long as we have the upper hand. By the way, Spring Shopping is a total must! Did you used to have fashion shows for your parents too when you were a kid and did spring or back to school shopping?


You're just like me. We have separate accounts. Bills come first & whatever is left in my account I'll spend it as I choose to. He doesn't care/say anything b/c the power is still on & there is food on the table!

He spends his $$ on Craftman tools. I spend mine on Coach. Its all good. ;-)


I always referred to the Targo's TV as my engagment ring too. Hah! You're hilarious.




This is the first i have heard it called an engagement truck. though if she would wear a truck...


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