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May 08, 2007



I once found a $2 coin in my knickers.

That was a big night.


I'm not even old like you (hehe...smack. ouch) and I have nights just like the one you described. I'm not sure I was ever a true rockstar when it came to partying, but my life is increasingly more sober as the years go by. I've also been to a fro-yo/ice cream shop just like the one you described. It was back when my ex-boyfriend was in college at Cornell and I'd visit him on weekends. He sucked, but the ice cream was to die for!


At least frozen yogurt doesn't leave you with a hang-over! :)


My girls night usually consists of dinner out and then drinks out.

But depending on the friends, it has been known to consist of ordering in goat cheese and spinach pizza, drinking Arbor Mist (spiked with Pinapple Rum) and watching Mean Girls.

"That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets".


Oh, party? What's that? I don't get out enough, so when I DO get invited somewhere, my wine and I have a really good time MUCH quicker than is expected. Oh dear.

No really, I'll take a good happy girls night in with junk food and giggles anytime.. but alcohol is still fun. Yes. I'll grow up one day.


I still have it in me to go out with the girls and get so drunk I barf (is that gross to admit? sorry) but it's much less frequent now than in college when we all lived together and did that like...every weekend. I love me some girls nights though!

Carrie depends on what company I am in. My new friends (read, people I know) I will stay out and drink and play pool. My old time friends...let's call a cab. (this includes my brother) I love to party hard but I hate the hangovers. We have really had a party every weekend for the last 5 weeks except the weekend we went to OKC. Actually last weekend, I didn't even go outside. (we party outside)

But all and all, I don't really have any "friends" except for my blog people. I don't make a very good friend. (I don't make time for people)

Nicole P.

I know I was ashamed of myself this last Saturday night for girls night out when my body shut down at midnight, demanding sleep.

And growing older or not, I giggled each time you said "chocolate that got hard." I've been hanging out with Julie too long.

B. Good

LOL @ passing out on the cat. (poor kitty)

And double LOL @ having dick on your face. Aimee, you naughty girl!

My last girls weekend mainly involved food, and lots of it. Thats when we set aside all of our "issues" and "concerns", and just pig out.

Yeah, food is a staple in my girl's night out.


Okay... you only kissed the guys that "smelled nice" or "had nice hair" ??? We totally would have been friends, 'cause I was all about kissing the guys who "bought me a drink" or "slurred only ever OTHER word." Sad, but true.

My last full-on girls night was a slumber party where with a pregnant lady, so... you know. That's not 100% true, I do get the occasional drinking night, but since my drunken evenings end with the excitement of text messaging AS, it's close enough.


i've always preferred girls nights in over girls nights out. a cheesy movie, some pedicures, and a little bit of brownie batter is all i need to enjoy time with my girlfriends. and i think that's been pretty much the same since i was 12. :-P


Girls Night Out.... wow I need to get out more, I wouldn't even know what that is :-) lol We actually just had a night out, it involved driving 5 blocks to a friends house, eating supper, playing a game and then sitting on the couch watching the kids play until 9 pm when we were all so tired we finally said it was time to go home for bed. I know. You want to come join us right. We are so exciting. We had so much fun we're already planning again. j/k It'll probably be another 6 months before we drive those 5 blocks again. Pathetic.


BAH! I really liked my posey face when I knew there was uh, dick on my face...but the look of confusion later when I forgot about said dick, that was not posed AT ALL.


In all fairness I only passed out on the cat that ONE time.

Oh the good old days of writing on tables in lip gloss and strange men proclaiming "Hey, you have dick on your face" and then realizing that a bachelorette* party left a mist of X-rated confetti in their wake and you( Aimee) did indeed have dick on your face.

* I totally know that is spelled incorrectly, but my spell check keeps telling me its not a word and well its pissing me off so I'm posting this word as is.

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