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March 23, 2007



I'm with you on the fish and vinegar.


I thought cooking and baking was the same thing?


Geeez, I really need to get caught up on my being tagged! I just had one too many glasses of wine (as in I had 2 glasses) so I will wait until I am in a better state of mind.


Don't listen to him, he's a boy! lol
Okay, so yeah, that was messy. What the hell was I doing up so late making it? ::sigh::

B. Good

You made a mess making "Macaroni Salad"??? WOW! Lol


10 - it's not "better" it's - this is the way i like it or the way i have always done it.

14 - 5 pies? I'd say it was Macaroni salad 2006. Someone was up late making it and her boy was up later cleaning it up. Biggest mess i have ever seen in a kitchen.

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